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rock fishing around sydney


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Hello raiders,

wondering if anyone could suggest me good spots for rock fishing around sydney (within 30min to 1hr drive) mainly after pelagics, kingies on bait or plastics. suggestion will really help.

Regards, Newaz

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First of all I will assume you have rockfished before, can swim and have appropriate footwear for Sydney ledges. So- from the North to the South- Barranjoey (decent walk in , can only be fished in a small swell)

North Whale- small platform , gets crowded quickly

The Ovens- needs ropes to get in

North Curly- small swell only

North Head/ Bluefish- some parts of the climb can be dangerous, some parts of the ledge are dangerous , go with someone who knows it

Julieannes- nasty little ledge in certain conditions , very slippery- ive only fished it once over 25 years ago so someone elses advice would be needed

Curracarrang- Royal National Park- not fished much these days, long walk in

Good luck

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