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Spit Bridge Session


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Date: 5/20/2017

Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Spit Bridge Landbased

Bait: Salted Pilchards & Squid


I went down with my brother with a short amount of time and boy was it worth it, although we only caught baitfish it was a great time. This area was full of life, I've been there before there are  3-5 eels that are always there and today was no different. I had gotten a burley bucket and within minutes there was an octopus all over it and he was stubborn. I pulled him out of the water and nearly got him and then boom I get shot with a jet of water and it's gone :( not the Yakka bite was going mad, I was using a balloon rig with 2 hooks with one of those hooks running the first cast I get 2 yakka's on one bait :) as time goes on we catch a total of 12. If I hade more time I would of live baited them but this was not the case, my brother caught the largest.

All fish were caught on Pilchards, they disliked the squid

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