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Lake Canobolas - Orange

Captain Spanner

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Hi guys,

I am probably heading up to Orange a weekend or so before the June Long Weekend and my brother in-law has suggested we head down to Lake Canobolas for possibly a little fish for a couple of hours while the kids run around. Can anyone give me some advice on species, gear, techniques so i have a chance at getting a fish. I have read the little bit of info on it and it says that it has trout, redfin, yellow belly, Murray Cod etc. I am assuming that this means these species are in the lake but not necessarily straight forward to catch anything. I am a saltwater fella normally so i do not have much of an idea in the fresh but happy to give it a crack. I would prefer to have a go at a trout but if you guys think that they will be a low percentage to zero chance, especially with a short fishing window in the middle of the day and no fresh water or local knowledge then any tips on higher percentage options would also be appreciated.


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looking forward to the report mate.

as for the trout, they may be your best bet at this time of year, any of your favourite lures upto about about 4 inches can bring them undone (i prefer plastics)  weed edges, dropoffs, rockwalls, all the usual spots can have trout working them at any given time so yeah get busy with the casting.

finesse is the rule, light spin combo, light braid, light fluoro leader, and alot of casting covering new ground,

they could be anywhere at this time of year, down deep, midwater, up top and around the lake margins.

interested to see results!


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