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Sydney Blue Swimmers...still the season?


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G'day all,

The Mrs and I just had our first baby, and my home duties mean that for the next little while i won't be able to take the whole day-long king sessions like I'd normally like too! I was thinking of getting my quota of witches hats and trying to pick up a few blue swimmers as a time-and-effort-economical way to get out on the water just for a few hours and still jag a feed. Getting out of summer now obviously, but I've heard reports form the 'Gong and further afield of guys still targeting them with some success, just wondering if anyone knew if they were still around in Middle Harbour/Pittwater?

I'm a total novice at crabbing, i was just gonna get some old king frames or fresh yakkas and put the hats in 5ish meters of water on sandy banks with a little bit of weed/structure in upper middle harbour or the western foreshore of pittwater...easier on myself (and the family) than me getting beaten up offshore all day running to the peak and back I figure. 


Cheers in advance for any help.


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