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Lake conjola Jew

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Hey everyone mrs parents have a house at lake conjola went down last Christmas and hit some monster flatties. Got busted off by something huge. 

My question is does anyone know if Jewfish can be found in the lake? I would presume that there would be but mrs dad is not Much of a fisherman at all so other then him I have no knowledge of the place. Fished it for 4 days over Christmas last year in the Yak and did really well. So really just self taught about the lake ATM. Any help regarding jewfish in the area would be great even off the beach. Thanks guys.

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Thinking of heading down that way next weekend. I've never fished lake conjola so i'd be glad of any tips. I've heard that its a great spot for flatties, what else can i expect to catch there?

Also what kinds of spots should i look for when chasing the flatties?


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We used to stay down there for the last two weeks of january  every year since i was a kid, but only a few times in teh last 10 years. It is best with a boat and you target the drop offs on the edge of the main channels. Plastics, live poddies and live nippers are the best. The main spot that they fish for the big ones is called "The Steps"and it is basically where the tidal river part meets the main lake. It drops from a big sand bank a metre or so deep into a couple of metres deep and then down to maybe 5-8m or something depending where you are. You also get them at high tide up on the sand flats that hold all of the yabbies. You can use poppers, plastics or also hard bodies that dig up all the sand with their bib. If the river is open to the ocean the water will be cleaner and cooler on the run in and dirtier and colder on the run out. There aren't any magic spots sorry, just keep moving until you find some fish. You will also get big ones up in the lake on drop offs but you will have to cover a lot of ground to find them. I would stay anywhere from "the Steps" down stream to the corner just down stream from the public boat ramp near entrance caravan park.

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