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Hairtail on big tides?


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We fished on Friday night for Hairtail but only got one touch.  Tried Waratah Bay from about 7:30pm to 9:30pm and then tried Jerusulum Bay and around the end of Coal and Candle till around midnight.  Using all the usual - pilchards on gang hooks.  Reasonable amount of burley.  No luck at all.

I thought that the big 1.9m tide peaking at 9pm on Friday with no moon would have been good, but not.  Unless it was a case of just being in the wrong spot.  

Does anyone have an opinion on big tides for Hairtail?  Also, water clarity?  I could still see small green glowsticks clearly in 10m water depth?  Maybe too clear?

All advice gratefully received. 

P.S. If Warratah Bay went off and there were heaps caught between 9:30 and midnight, please break the news gently!:(

Thanks,  Brett.

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I've caught them really far up in berowra waters near the ferry approach on some big tides, not a regular occurrence but they MIGHT (its a big might) travel into the lower reaches around the new and the full.

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Fished Waratah Bay Monday night till about 7pm.  The bay was full of chopper Tailor and Yellowtail. They were eating the pilchards before any Hairtail would have had a chance to take a look. Tried using live Yellowtail and got a nice flathead about 45cm. Also tried Yellowtail fillets but they got smashed as quickly as the pilchards. In the end we decided we had enough of feeding the bait fish in the cold so called it a night. I'm guessing any Hairtail were eaten by the chopper tailor and yellowtail. They were like Piranhas. :)

There were a few other boats in the bay that were still there when we left. Hopefully they had better luck.

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