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Fishing in Careel Bay flats just of palm, need tips


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Hey Guys, I am brand new to this website. I was wondering if any of you know and has been to Careel Bay for fishing? here are some questions that I really want to know about. I am not going to be on a boat instead I am going to walk around the flats casting.

What fish live around Careel bay?

What bait should I use?

Any other good spots in the Northern Beaches? 

Thanks Nick;)


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Hey Nik I fish Careel bay flats quite regularly flicking plastics and usually get onto some good flatty if you want to use bait I recommend pumping some yabbies waiting for the tide to come in a bit and cast out into a sandy area with lots of yabbie holes and you will for sure get onto some whiting making there way up and down the flats sucking on yabby holes

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@jgoodare Hey just came across this post. I was interested to know if the flats in this area span out far? I have been eyeing this spot for a while since practicing much in Narrabeen. I would like to practice other areas but this area being a bit too far for me I wonder if its worth the spot as long as I get to wade out a long way. Thanks!

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