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More lasertag! Albury Pre-nationals


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Hey raiders, 

Spent the long weekend in Albury over the weekend. Leading up to Albury nationals in March next year, they host 2-3 comps to reorganise their arena to hopefully balance the win % across the three bases, and bring everyone together in a more social environment than the national competition.

Our Parramatta site sent two teams down for this, which consisted of our 2017 national 6-player team, and 4 rookies to give them a taste of the skill level of some of the other sites in the country.

Unfortunately for us, the Albury site uses an older system that we are unfamiliar with (if anyone knows much, for reference - We use Helios Pro, and Albury are using Nexus Gen1). The IR radius of the Nexus phases are much narrower and less forgiving, and the timing is also quite different. This proved extremely difficult for us to showcase our ability in the arena, but was also a great learning experience.

Out of 19 teams (the largest pre-nationals comp ever held in Australia - and bigger than the Finnish nationals last week), our teams placed 17th and 18th, pushing one of the local teams into last place. 

In the end, we didn't perform as well as we'd hoped. However this was partially due to playing on Nexus, and also because we decided to split our experience across two teams to introduce some rookies into the competitive scene. Because of that, and the great atmosphere created by all of the competitors, we had a really good weekend! That is, until we hit the traffic on the Hume Hwy on the way home on Monday.



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