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Right place, wrong bait


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Sometimes you turn up in the right place with the wrong bait. I had this happen to me last night. Found myself with a couple of hours free on Saturday afternoon. Decided to throw the blackfish gear in the car, stop off at the beach to collect some weed along the way and hit my usual spot at Pittwater as the sun went down. When I arrived another fisho was already there, but rather than fishing for luderick he was tossing out unweighted pilchard cubes. For a couple of hours all I could manage was a couple of tentative downs. On the other hand the pillies were absolutely smashing it. A couple of the largest bream I've seen, along with good size trevally and salmon. I was quietly cursing myself knowing I had a couple of bags of salted pilchards in the freezer at home. So while it was a donut for me I at least furthered my education and now I know something about my spot that I didn't know previously. And I know to toss the pilchards in the bucket as I head out the door!

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