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Currarong/jervis kings


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Hi all. Was wondering if someone could please help me out. I'm thinking of chasing some land based kings in currarong/jervis Bay Area. I've caught many kings over the years however none have been land based. I will be using livies which I will get early on the morning I go. I've heard of heading that way but I'm not exactly sure where the spots are once you get into the town? I've looked it up online and found a few but I would rather hear off someone's who's fished from these spots before. Thank you

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Hi Phil,

I don't have much experience on the area yet, but I have been to the Tubes a couple of times recently and saw some kings around. Just check the wind is favorable and be persistent and they may come around.

To get there you need to drive to Point Perpendicular lighthouse and take the walking track down (1 km walk I think). Some info about the spot can be found at http://fishthetubes.com.au/

Good luck!

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