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12 foot overhead rod for abu 6500, suggestions?


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Hi guys,

I'm looking to replace my absolutely battered fibreglass 12 foot overhead rod with something newer (lighter) and technologically updated. 
It needs to be at least 12 foot (3.6m) as I exclusively from the rocks, and often in rough conditions.

I mostly catch Bream, Tailor, Drummer but occasionally hook up to Jewfish and kings. 

This rod is strictly for bait fishing in combination with my abu 6500 overhead reel which is usually spooled with 25lb to 30lb mono, I'm thinking something in the 10kg line class, carbon fibre (or whatever they use these days).

Cost is not a huge factor.



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Have a look at the 1162B in this link


I've got the 862B to cast light metals at tailor and salmon and rate it highly. 

Although its rated to 20kg, I find Daiwa rods are more suited to the lighter side of their rating, so I reckon it would fish 10kg quite nicely.

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Crucis do a 11 foot overhead that might fit the bill. There are also the discontinued Rovex 11 foot and Penn big game surf rods which you may still be able to find. The Nirto messiah is 13 foot and makes for a sweet rod, but is better with the lighter cast weights.

and of course there is the Daiwa and Penn prevail, but these are pretty heavy actioned and better for the bigger baits and leads

If you open your mind to 10 footers there are a few more options, and IMO 10ft is plenty from the rocks.

The next option would be the custom route.

What cast weights are you looking at? what sort of distance are you fishing at? 

Do you run 25-30lb on your 6500 at the moment? You wouldnt fit too much on there, about 150-160m filled to the brim. No problem for wash fishing, but a bit light on after a decent cast. You can back with a bit of braid to up the capacity , or drop down to 20lb if needed.



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I have a Penn prevail for when I'm targeting larger fish, its a great rod but way to heavy duty for the lighter species. Fishing for bream and tailor with the prevail is like using a broom stick, I prefer a slower action or you risk ripping the hooks out of the fish.

Cast weights are going to be minimal. The most I would cast with this is a size 3 bean + 4 gang + pilchard. But typically I fish with single hook and a size 1-2 sinker. 
The length is an important factor. I often fish in rough conditions, from cliffs, and ledges where you need to get the fish up as early as possible because you are dragging it over rocks and cunjevoi. I also target drummer on low platforms and I prefer to be an extra step or two away from the wash if possible.

I typically run a thinner 30lb or regular 25lb just for the abrasion resistance. I've lost more than a few fish, and sent baits flying of to New Zealand due to nicks in my line that I didn't pay attention to. I've been thinking of using 30lb backing braid via an FG knot just in case I hook up to something that tries to spool me. But to be honest 90% of the fish that are too big to stop with the 6500, break me off by going around a corner or down into a cave, in such cases line length isn't an issue.

Cast distance has never been a factor, I get most of my fish in close. If I want distance Ill swap to my spin rod or my Prevail.

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I havent played with the crucis overhead rod, but from the spin rod that i have played with, the action is a bit slower, as well as being nice and light. This could be one to look at if you find one stocked near you. The only issue is it is 11ft.

you could also look to build on a Live Fibre ZMT7144/2 blank. 12ft, High modulus carbon, quite light, rated to 10kg and slower actioned. Available as a 1 piece or 2.

Fully understand the need for abrasion resistance. I fish for jew with 15kg on an Avet MXL off the rocks for just this reason, While i could never break it through the rod on a straight pull, it gives me a little bit of security if the line gets a bit rasped up. If a big fish buries you, even a heavy leader wont save you most of the time.


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Just out of curiosity what do you do if you get buried by a Jew. My tactics are to stop it as soon as I can and don't let it run, but sometimes they manages to find a hole. Have you ever got one out of a hole? I've let the spool run once but it never came out.

Ill take a look at that blank.. Thanks.

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In heavy country I go hard on them from the get go. My plan is to pull them up as soon as possible and get them head shaking. That way they loose a bit of traction in the water and hopfully come up in the water table a bit. It is normally all over pretty quickly, either the fish is buggered and comes easy, or im re rigging. I dont think that jew actively try to bust you off (like a king) I feel that when they do me, they are just bolting along the bottom amoungst the structure. I come to this concusion from the amount of times i have taken good fish out of really gnarly cover in pretty shallow water, when the fish could easily bury me, but somehow don't. I think alot of this comes down to conditions as well. In rougher conditions, the fish may feel more comfortable higher in the water column, but when its a bit clearer or calmer, they want to be down amoungst the kelp and boulders.

I have never had one hole up like a groper. Ive had small ones get hung up but dont have enough grunt to bust of straight away. Either you get them in a bit battle scared with some bark off, or they eventually wear through. But you can normally feel them thrashing around. Another thing that can happen when fishing a sinker on a dropper, is the lead gets hung up. Needless to say i avoid droppers and either run a running sinker on the leader or run a pulley rig.




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