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Blackfish Floats

Green Hornet

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While the tourists are shoulder to shoulder at my local ledges, I decided to make up a few new floats that are a little different to the norm.

The top section of the stem is made from 6mm dowel  and extends through the body of the float. The bottom section is 3mm carbon fibre rod and epoxied 60mm into the dowel. The 3 different size bodies are made from western red cedar and will suit all conditions my area can dish out.

I'll add weight to the bottom of the shafts to suit appropriate sinkers when I get a chance and instead of using lead, I simply wrap a length of cord solder around the shaft and hold in place with heat shrink.

I know there's a thread somewhere like "show us your floats" on here. I searched and damned if I could find it.



High Res.jpg

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