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Breakfast Point / Lures


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G'day Raiders

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I live in Chiswick,Sydney so I am central, I love to fish at rose bay but that is a bit to far for my dad to take me. I was wondering if breakfast point along the rocks is a good spot for bream, snapper, flathead and the usual. Can you guys tell me how deep the water is and what I should use their (bait or lure). I was thinking of using soft plastics and casting them along the rock wall, these are all of my soft plastics:

ZMan Grubs 2.5 motor oil and bloodworm

Gulp Shrimp 2' Banana Prawn, Pepper Prawn

Gulp Minnow Watermelon Pearl 3inch

Squidgy Wriggler 100mm

Squidgy Prawn Wriggler 95mm

S Factor

Can you tell me if they will be good for bream along the rock wall and if hard bodies will be good there or is it to deep???? I also just got a tt switchblade 1/8  and a few others like chubby and atomic cranks,will that be good along the rock Wall or will plastics with scent be better??? ( can you tell me specifically what to use in the hardbody category or SP??)


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2 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

All those lures will catch fish..... personally I fish rock walls by casting along them  and trying to land my lure 1 to 2 metres from the edge and working it along the wall this works really well for bream on hardbodies

Hey mate

What hard body would be the best a atomic shad 50, or a fathead crank 38, 


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Will wanna use the shallow-medium diving hard bodies at sunrise and sunset-and onto the night make sure your using at least 8lb fleurocarbon( I use 4lb) connected with a sturdy knot. Use the minimum weight needed on the Jighead, in good conditions I will often go to 1/16 weightjigheads, there probably overkill, stick to 1/12 and 1/8 make sure u got 8lb or less braid. Remember, the lighter your gear is the more bites u will get.

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