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Fishing Out Wide Sunday 13th For Yellowfin


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Hi guys ,looks like I will be going as "fish director" out on my mates Bar Crusher on Sunday the 13th.Whats a "fish director" I hear you type?, Its when some guy who is a keen fisho ,listens to Ross hunter on sunday morning telling a yarn about coming across some hapless pillies being pulped by some middling sized yellowfin . (he also pulled out a striped marlin incidentally).

Thats it says I,and sure enough we are going out trolling the next sunday.Plan so far is to load up on some slimeys at shark island at bullshit o'clock,then get out to the 80 ftm line (thats where the shelf starts off botany) and then troll south east to the canyons that are off stanwell park. Tide change is at 1203 and with a little luck should have found some bait to work over with the downrigger.

As the tassie sea can get pretty lonely I was wondering if there was anyone keen/mad out there to tag along as a buddy boat?,or show the way perhaps.

Cheers Simon

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Knapers,browns is a 40km one way trip from Botany,I anticipate that the distances we will be trolling/livebaiting will not be all that dissimilar to that expected on an average trip out to browns .saying that ,we will be going down current so it is a fairly hard one to judge.we are taking a Jerry can as a safety margin maker ,although I suspect that it will not be used.(95%).From what I can gather ,the canyons are out on the 100ftm line off stanwell park which makes it around 10 miles south of botany bay.

There has been quite a few boats that fished the point score for the GFC's out there and they had an hell of a day , numerous multiple hookups (triples and the likes),some fish were estimated at or near the 40kg mark,there was a few bigger fish that were lost due to pulled hooks and the like.

should be good,hope the weather is up for it,I suspect that we may need some "Changa" weather to get the fish inspired. 30 knots of Sou easter?.............luv it.


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gonna pm you some stuff.

There is the southern canyons and also canyons off stanwell park another 12km south again from them.

Sthn canyons seems good for fin and best thing is the marks are not all that common.

Anyways, i dont have a boat so i wont be out.

best of luck mate, i hope you do well.


ps. i will be praying for some fishy weather for you :thumbup:

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