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g'day guys,

recently purchased a spool of 25lb Fireline XDS and noticed that the kilo rating was 17.14kg. Now tell me if I'm wrong but when I was at school(a fair few years ago) the equation for converting kg to lb was 1kg = 2.2lb. Now using this equation 17.14kg = 37lb or 25lb = 11.36kg . Has anyone come across this before and which weight should I go off kg or lb.



P.S. the line diameter is 0.23mm if that helps.

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Nothing wrong with your maths. 1kg = 2.2 pounds :thumbup:

With respect to fireline, I think breaking strain goes straight out the window. If you look at 6pound fireline for example, it breaks at over 5kg ....... I fish 6pound fireline like 3kg mono, I dont push it to its limit because I know as the line ages and frays its breaking strain reduces. Braid on the other hand like mono breaks close to its stated rating, I fish 15 pound braid on baitcasters that are rated to 4kg and fish it like 4kg mono - I just know I have that extra in reserve if needed - the 15 pound braid is just that much thinner and better to use than 4kg mono.

With respect to the fireline XDS in 25 pound - I'd be fishing that stuff like 20-25 pound or 10kg class gear.

That my thoughts anyway.


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