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Laggers Point boat ramp


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Hi all

Looking for some information on Laggers Point boat ramp at South West Rocks?

Thinking of taking the kids up to South West Rocks for some family time.  I have done a bar crossing course with Bill Corten up in Brisbane but still not particularly experienced at bar crossings and from everything I have read, the Macleay River bar is not the bar to be gaining your experience on, especially with a 8 year daughter on board.

What is the ramp like?  How effected by surge is it?  Understand it has had some work done to the area recently?

Thanks for any info or background you can provide.


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Hi I'm not aware of any ramp at Lagers point, but I haven't been there for about 2 years. The main bar is not one to be learning on that's for sure, and the river ramp and crossing although much shorter than the main bar can be very tricky as there is a right angle turn that has to be made at the right place. Either way with a minor on board I would recommend you stick to the river that has some very good fishing to be had.


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35 minutes ago, frankS said:

I'm not aware of any ramp at Lagers point

Thanks Frank

I was just going on the below link.


Also found this in a previous post on the forum referring to it -->

Maybe best to stay in the river or alternatively look for something else a bit safer to go outside.  It will have to be cracking weather to take her out in any case.



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I have used laggers point a couple of times to launch a 5.5 ally boat. Ramp can get a fair bit of surge, definitely a two person launch. car ahead of us went from trailer just in to water up to the car door to trailer dry, there is no where to hold the boat while you get the car and at low tide access can be restricted by a sand bar. 

In the right conditions it can be a useful ramp with easy access to fishing grounds. The river bar is not a great place to learn unless ideal conditions and back creek bar is very shallow. 

Hang out on the breakwall for a while watching the other boats cross the bar if you want to give it a go and watch out for the NE wind/run out tide combo.

The river fishes well with heaps of area to fish. See hookerbrucer report from a couple of weeks ago.

Hope this helps 


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