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Which Sounder?


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Was wondering if anyone can help.

I am waiting for a 460 TopEnder to arrive and am thinking about which sounder I should have installed. Most work is done inside and inshore - nothing really over 60m in depth. Kinda hoping for widescreen and best detail possible for sussing out underwater structure and bait shoals. Hoping for the best I can get for under or around $1000. GPS not needed.

I am thinking either HB Matrix or Lowrance but am pretty much clueless, as my last sounder was an entry level 'give the depth only' job.

So what are the recommendations?

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Why do you want a widescreen? Its the vertical pixels which you should be looking at I reckon.

There are a few colour units on the market for around that sort of money

Raymarine ds500x

Lowrance x107cdf

Furuno 600l

Garmin ff320c

I'd be looking at the brands that deal with commercial type electronics, their technology is always the best. Heard of plenty of lowrances carking it lately, they are made fairly cheaply.

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the boys at ABA fitted a humminbird Matrix sounder.. one of the quad beam versions.. best investment i have made besides my electric. This thing is so accurate at Glenbawn i could tell the precise moment we going to get a strike trolling.. it was unbelievable.

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Hey Swoff,

Your right, I was a dealer for Lowrance up until recently.

Last time I put my two cents in, I was shot down pretty quickly so I think I'll just sit on the sidelines and not bother this time


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Thanks for the reply fellas.

As it turns out, the boat is on its way with a sounder already packaged in! It's a Lowrance LCX17M which I was under the impression I could change. Must have been a slight misunderstanding.

Anyhow, it was factored into the deal, and I would have had to fork out a few xtra hundred for an upgrade anyway. I hope it serves its purpose though...

Hey swoff, still playing with tackle, or you back in the real estate game? Mate the new kit is a beauty - 460 Topender coupled to a 60hp 4 Stroke Yammie, plus minn kota leccy! Thought it would be a good comprimise between estuary jig-flicking, pelagic chasing and inshore kingy wrestling! It will sure beat the old runabout for dedicated sportsfishing. (thats a lot of "-ing's")

Maybe we can get out some time? I had a good session up the georges not a week ago scoring 7 jew to 7kg...

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