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sam bros

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Hi Raiders,

Never been to the FADs before, and ive been dying to catch my first dollie.

I have all the safety gear and experience as I have been fishing the close offshore reefs and marks,  but haven't gone that far offshore before.

I was considering going to either Sydney Harbour FAD or the Close FAD off botany?

Which one would be better for a first timer both in terms of safety and how likekly it is to produce fish at this time.

I don't think I will go to Botany Wide FAD until I have a bit more experience


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Hi Sam,

Not sure how the currents are  at the moment but the Sydney FAD gets some pretty strong currents running past it.

The Botany Fad is not such a problem.

As far as whether the Dollies are around at the moment I don't know... haven't heard much news

Good luck when you venture out. Its no big deal as long a you are sensible about what weather you go out in.





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Hi guys

I've got a 5.5m fiberglass with a 115hp outboard motor. How long do you think it'll take me to go out to Botany's FADs?  (not the wide one further out)

I've only fished inside Botany bay so i'm eager to try going out.  Any tips on best weather, tides swells would be great too.

I'm a bit of a newb with boating :\

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On a 1m swell, 1m seas, crusing at around 18-20 kts it takes me about 30-40mins to get to the Botany Wide FAD from the harbour, which is 17/18km off from Malabar so a bit further south from the heads. That's in a 5.8m with 135hp. Obviously in rougher seas or bigger swells I'll go slower. 


Looking at the forecast I would'nt go anywhere near that far offshore this weekend, if at all. 

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