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Squid Jig


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Hey all

Can someone please draw me a pretty picture to show how to correctly setup a rig to hook up squid?

I am focussing on Jew Fish in the Hawkesbury this weekend and have been told squid is the best bet, but I'm going in blind and have no idea how I should go about setting up the rods or how to best rig the squid onto the hooks.

A picture would be excellent, as I'm a bit thick headed, an explanation would suit though ... Ive got no idea!!!!!

Also should I try any lures on one of the rods? If so what would you suggest?


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Goofball, most people seem to go for a two hook rig of 4/0 or bigger. Top hook goes through the top of the squids candle/tube (from front to back), second hook which is on a short dropper from the first hook is pinned lightly through the flesh near the base of the candle/tube - in and back out on the same side (like a stitch), not pushed right through the body.

If you want to use lures, I would suggest a TT or Nitro jighead in 1/4 to 3/8 or more depending on current (you must be getting in touch with the bottom). Hook size I use is anywhere from 2/0 to 5/0. A graphite rod and braid will help heaps with setting the hook and detecting bites, don't know how you would go with a f'glass rod and mono...My jews have all been caught on 4" Berkley Bass (or Power) Minnows in watermelon or pumpkinseed. Otherwise go for big shads or jerkbaits 4" plus. I like to just drop my line straight off the side of the boat to reduce belly in the line, drop till it reaches bottom, take up the slack then double jig every 20-30 seconds. Easy as that!



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