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Garden Island Kayaking

sam bros

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Hi Raiders,

Been seeing alot of bust ups in and around garden island. was thinking of going for a sunrise session and seeing if I could land a few bonito off the kayak.

Just asking where the easiest and closest place to launch the kayak would be?


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2 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

Mate I would say the little beach near the sailing club next to Birkenhead Shopping Centre. Looks out to Garden Island .

That's a VERY long paddle to Garden Island. Goat & Cockatoo Islands can be seen from Birkenhead Point. Garden is in the main Harbour out the end of Potts Point.

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Closest would be north side of the harbour near Cremorne Point but then you would have to cross ferry routes which may not be fun.... I would go Double Bay.... easy to park and launch, not too far to paddle.

Don't think there is any closer place on the south side of the harbour.

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