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Manly Dam


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I had have been planning to visit Manly Dam for 20 years, didn't go until yesterday and I only live 15 minutes away...Dooh.

Firstly ;what a beautiful place..could be anywhere, a weekday and very few people; anyway I was targeting carp, fishing on the bottom over a regular  helpings of ground bait.(Burley)

Fishing blind, I had chosen a swim near the furthest car park with a small reed bed adjacent and about 4' of water. Long Story short, I blanked.

Was using two rods, one with 'scrub worm' and the other triple corn kernel.

My Victorian pal (after recovering from the 'visitor' $26 parking toll)  took one Bass of around 25 cm.

I'd be interested in any advice as to best location and what the current carp stock is like, I suspect nearer the dam wall may have been better?

Cheers Guys.

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