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Hi everyone.

This is my first post and its not a very interesting post.

I just wanted to ask the fellows out there if they had any good locations to go fishing.

I don't have a boat so i go rock fishing to Avoca Beach up north. That's the only place i know and the only

place that i go.

Can anyone suggest some good spots for fishing?

I've caught alot of Slimy Mackeral and Tailors at Avoca...so i was wanting to target some other species like Drummer, Jew Fish, Kingies.

It is possible to catch these type of fish when rock fishing?

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Guest bluecod

:1welcomeani: to the site Yooshi.

Maybe not a very interesting post, but one that is likely to get all manner of responses from the Central Coast crew.

Avoca rocks were famous as a high speed spin ledge and is probably a good place to keep away from for that very reason, they get very crowded and there are a lot of pigs who leave all their rubbish behind.

Use bread burley for drummer and fish the washes - a constant stream of bread going in will soon have drummer, blackfish and bream active in your trail. Make sure the area you are fishing is safe and you've identified a way out if you do have the misfortune of going in - always fish the rocks with someone else, never on your own.

Avoca Beach straight out in front of the 'goon is reliable for flathead, particularly during and after the lagoon has been open to the sea.

Jewies and kings off the rocks are a definite proposition, but you'd better use heavy tackle and be prepared for a slug fest when they are in close. Live blackfish fished in close will entice a jewy if they are around.

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