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Leather Jackets


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Hi Guys. What size hooks would you use to catch the leather jackets that dwel in the 50 mtr. water.

I am assuming they are quite big and would need a larger hook than the fish round the piers.I intend using a wire trace as well, i have never targeted the Leatheries before,thanks in advance for any help. Ben. :beersmile:

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Guest bluecod


A No. 4 or 6 longshank will do the trick - don't bother with wire as you'll find that you'll probably get bitten off above the wire.

From what I've been told and observed, the leatheries will bite you off wherever you have handled the line and left the scent of bait on it. If you are going to target them, don't handle your line after you've been playing with bait, only touch your hook.

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Too true, I have had the buggers bite me off below the boat.......... that starts to hurt when you are losing 50M of braid each time!!!!

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