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On The Road Again

Guest madsmc

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The :wife: has decided that we should make the trek to Coffs Harbour between Chrissy and New Year to visit her relatives. :thumbup: So it looks like the long wait to get back up there is over at last, well almost over anyway, only a few more weeks of drudgery at the pickle factory.

Can't wait to get up there again to wet a line, and spend a few quality hours (on my own this time) at FTA. :biggrin2:

What's everyone else got planned for the Christmas break, any fishing trips happening?



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im working thru the hols but will fish every night/arvo that has good weather. its been shithouse lately :1badmood:

come february i have 2 weeks off and heading to south west rocks :yahoo:

im stinging for this trip. got a good house close to both ramps and was cheap too :thumbup:

look out jews and cobes :brucelee:

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Dollface and I are off to Africa on our annual jaunt,

5 weeks cruising around Soth Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Aiming to fish in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and freshwater at Lake kariba in between game parks, steaks the size of car tyres and more :beersmile: than ten men should drink.

If only someone would blow up that dipshit in Zimbabwe all would be wonderful! :(

Only negative to that is we won't be here for the Fishraider Chrissy drinks. :thumbdown:



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