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Help Where Can I Get A 5000d Repaired


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Hi guys,

I picked up a red ambasedeur 5000d at the markets in port macquarie a few months back with a rod for $30.

It works pretty well but the drag seems to catch a bit.

Is it hard to pull them apart, I can imagine tiny springs flying all over the kitchen or should i get it repaired. If i go the repair option does anyone know where I could take it??

Im in strathfield, sydney



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I've heard people say good things about Anglers' World Australia Pty Ltd North Rocks (02) 9873 3322, it's 1 Lawndale Rd, North Rocks.

I asked Victor how much, he said $15.

Other raiders have used him.


BTW thats for a service, not a repair. Don't want to confuse the issue!

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Gidday aaron.

ABU's really dont need all that much to get them working again.You need the schematics diagram from a 5000 series ABU.Any good tackle shop will help.The tools are basic,A small adjustable spanner ,a small bladed screwdriver and that is it.When you go to the tackle shop get him to order in the drag washers to suit that model (2)

.Make sure you quote the number stamped on the reel seat.While there you might want a spare anti reverse pawl and a levelwind guiding pin.Usually the drag plate has corroded and has welded on to the leather washer and the wrong bit is providing the friction .If the plate is pitted you can get some glass and wet and dry sandpaper and grind it smooth.I reckon just replace it is probably a better alternative.

Use a smidge of grease on the gears and use sewing machine oil on the levelwind and casting bits.Less is better.

You can impregnate the washers in oil if you want which has the advantage of corrosion protection.

If you still have problems send it in to abu in sydney and they will fix it so it is like new .


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