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Botany Bay This Morning


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Hi folks,

Brother and father were keen to hit the bay early this morning so hit it we did. Launched by 5:30am and off towards Molineux point to try for some livies. On the way out past the runway, we saw some birds working so thought we'd mosy on over for a look. Sounded some bait and blobs on the sounder but couldnt get a hit so proceeded to MP as planned. Found a bait ball, dropped the anchor and out went the little live bait fishing rigs. After a bout 5 mins, my dad caught us our first livey, which was prompty hooked onto our old ABU9000 and dispatched out the back of the boat. Meanwhile I had a ganged pilly on my little ABU6000. While my dad was trying to catch more yakkas the little ABU goes off. As is always the case, everyone on board was too busy trying to catch livies and not paying attention to the rods. Fish 1 Anglers 0. Two minutes later, the bigger ABU with the live yakka goes off. The rod tip almost touches the water from its holder. This time my brother is prepared and he gives it a good yank and is on. Its a good one he says, holding on while the drag sings. And sings. And sings. He goes to turn on the pump and wind and manages about 10 meters of line and the drag sings again. He gives it another couple of pumps. I turn to get the net ready. Then Snap. Fish 2 Anglers 0.

The 30lb line parted. My brother reckons on a reef but i dont know. I didn't realise MP had a reef there? Definitely reckons it was a good king. Damn and triple damn. By now my dad has the livie catching thing sussed and we have 5 or 6 good-sized yakkas in the well. Another couple goes out the back. 10 or so minutes later and my brother is on again. No missing this time he says and a good steady pump and wind ensues. Not as good as the last bite. Not as strong. after a couple of minutes a good sambo of about 60cm hits the deck. 5 minutes later my livie gets hit. I strike but miss, and leave the bait there just in case. Sure enough the fish came back and i was on. Followed by about 4 of his mates. Again, nice short pulls, but not the blistering first run and i call it for another sambo. Sambo it is, this time just over 50cm.

15 minutes later my brother gets another hit on the ABU9000. Some early acrobatics assured us it was no king and after 5 minutes i net his second sambo of 60cm.

After this short half hour period all goes quiet so we revert back to fishing for livies. My brother again hooks up on but it doesnt feel like a yakka. I called it for a trevor and up comes a nice little trevor of about 40cm.

At about 7:30 the wind picks up and my dad looks behind us to see the front coming. Upped anchor and shimmied back to ramp. Home by 8:15am.

So final tally for the morning: 3 sambos @ ~50-60cm, 1 nice trev. 1or2 missed kings?

Our best day on the bay so far since i got the boat.

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well done mate its great when you get some action. As much as i hate loosing fish its still beter than not getting any hits at all, i love the sound of the drag screaming even if i loose the fish my heart rate is up and it givs you something to dream about when your bored.

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The bay is warming up nicely with little kings coming on, sambos making a showing both bream & blurters about but the flatties are still a little slow but the fisho’s that know their way around the bay will do alright this season. :thumbup:

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We were also out on the Bay saturday morning. Managed to trawl up 2 small 50-65cm kingies on a dorado coloured rapala CD-11, just outside the heads. Would have been good fun on lighter gear, but both were caught on a 40lb braid, saltiga 40 rod and trindad combo. To say I am impressed with the power of such a light rod would be a huge understatement. As I skull dragged the the first king in I called it for a seargent baker!

We found a massive ball of yellowtail a bit south of the heads that should have been haloed by some bigger predators, but they seemed unmolested - just mooching around feeding without a worry in the world. Soon enough they would have been located by something bigger, a bit of a shame that our trip was cut short by the weather and we didn't get the chance to rustle anything up.

MP looked like george st on the way back, with maybe 15 boats in that small area just east of the point. With all these kingy reports this will surely continue all through summer.

The bay is starting to heat up, and never a day too early.

Tight lines!

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