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At Least We Tried


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hi all, woke up at the crack of dawn all enthusiastic. checked the BOM weather site for the forecast..showers. oh well thought the kids and i would wait for an hour or so to see what happens. by 8am still no rain so i thought bugger it, lets get out there... as we launched the boat the first spots appeared, oh well at least its only light i thought. five minutes underway, down it came....... :mad3: we tried a few spots and only managed a small blue swimmer which was sent back on its way. two hours later and soaking wet we all arrived back home. the kids had fun and even managed to go for a swim.(already had small genitalia).... commenced the usual washdown of the vessel and lo and behold the rains stops and out comes the sun.... :biggrin2: perhaps i should have just stayed in bed....... oh well shall try again tomorrow.. :thumbup::thumbup:

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