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G,day all.

Living down around Wollongong I have a great back yard for fishing, what with the Five Islands only a stones throw away, Windang Island and Shellharbour just a little further south, not to mention Bass Point, Kiama, the list goes on. In the past I have only ever chased the likes of bream, flathead, snapper, trevally and morwong or taylor and jew from the rocks. now that I have the means of getting out to some of the afore mentioned spots, namely a boat, I would like to target some of our better known pelagics, such as kings, tuna and salmon etc.

I did pick up a few stripies and mac tuna at the end of last season with out really having that much knowledge of the finer art of fishing for this type of quarry.

I guess what I'm asking is that if I am going to have some consistant success chasing kings, tuna, salmon and the likes, would I be better off trolling say metal lures, small to mid sized skirts, bibbed lures around the places I mentioned earlier, or should I be casting these lures into the washes around the islands or a combination of the two.

Also what is the desired trolling speed for these fish.

Thanks to all in advance who may offer their advice.

Catch you soon, Lew.

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Thanks for the welcome Boppa!

Yes I know Gongfisho ( Ben ), we have fished together previously, will have to hook up with him again soon, just a bit hard with the short notice, usually the night befor, that you know you are definately able to put the boat in the water. :074:

Catch you soon, Lew. :thumbup:

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