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Cortland 444 Down Under - All Rounder


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For your information....

Peter Morse has designed a new flyline being on sale from today.

Looks like it should be a 'bobby dazzler' the line is designed for Australian conditions - the 'Cortland 444 Down Under - All Rounder'. (Dist. through Gillies)

Go Aussie.

Tops! Would someone please post a message when they see one of these in the shops. I want one!

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Let us know how it goes Warpig.

I'm after a intermediate line and this one sounds pretty good.



Yep: will do. It sounds ideal for its stated purpose (everything...): heat resistant and with a floating running line but with a 45' intermediate section so it should work OK for a fast retrieve without pulling the fly to the surface too quickly, like some of the Cortland lines with very short intermediate tips. I'm a bit concerned about the sink rate of the intermediate section (I don't want a class IV...I'd rather use a shooting head for really fast sink rates, and I've already bought one of those!), but Flyworld assure me it's a fairly slow sinker.

Looking forward to having a quick chuck before I subject it to 4 weeks of Exmouth gulf!


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Guest madsmc


How did you go with the line Warpig?

If anyone else has used this line I'm interested in your opinion of it. :biggrin2:



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