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I just moved into units right next to Cabarita Park and noticed people fishing during the day. I'm tempted to buy some fishing gear and try my luck. What sort of fish do you catch at Cabarita point? Also, on the other side of Cabarita, - Brakfast point : it has signs about danger of toxic materials I think. Does that mean the fish you catch at Cabarita is danger to eat? Anyone been fishing at the cabarita park? Would appreciate some tips.

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G'day jim and :1welcomeani:

my father lives at Cabarita and i have dropped a line off the ferry wharf there at night, some decent bream hang around there, have also heard of fish being taken off the wall at breakfast point but the residents there can be a bit of a pain in the ass as the area there is considered private area with limited public access.

anytime i've fished there it's been catch and release and my dad said he wouldnt eat anything out of there but i'm sure others will know more about the quality.

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