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Help with Quintrex Stealth Hornet


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Hello all.

Wanted to throw up a post as I’m looking for some help. I’m currently looking to order a Quintrex Stealth Hornet in either 470 or the 510. The only issue - I’m based in SE QLD and Stealth Hornets aren’t terribly popular here. The closest one I can find is at a dealership in Gladstone which is a 6+ hour drive from where I live.

The only thing holding me back is I want to see one in person. Preferably, go for a ride in one in a bit of chop.

So being that I don’t have any other options, I want to use this post to reach out to anyone in Brisbane/Sunshine/Goldcoast area that owns either the 470 or 510 Stealth Hornet. If you’re out there, I’d love to come see your boat and if possible, even go for a quick ride.

For anyone that can take me out for 30 minutes, there’s a couple of cases of beer in it for you.

I’ve been told by a few dealers that they are around, but all owned privately. Really hoping they’re members on this forum!

Anyway, thanks in advance.

Hope to hear from any of you!

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