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Tilt problem


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Hi all

I have not had much luck lately with a few medical problems that means the boat has not moved for abour 6 months.  I'm finally on the improve and was thinking of going fishing next weekend.  So got the boat out to flush the motor.

After I flushed it, noticed some oily fluid on the ground and followed it back to both the trim rams.  See photos attached.  I have gone back to where the boat was stored and there was nothing on the ground there.  I'm guessing I have a problem with a seal in the trim hydraulics somewhere but interested in opinions as to what is wrong and what to do about it?

Other alternative is it is due for a service in March, just take it for that service early and get them to have a look at it, however it is about 1.5 hours drive to take it for a service.  I could take the hydraulic section out and just take that over rather than taking the whole boat.




Ram #1.jpg

Ram #2.jpg


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