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Transducer placement on moored boat


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Hi all,

I was after some advise for transducer placement on a moored boat. I have recently purchased an old Riviera 27 Flybridge and will be placing my Lowrance Elite9 Ti2 on it with the Active Imaging 3in1 transducer. Now has anyone placed this transducer on a slide so that it will come out of the water when not in use? Cons and pro to this method or should I just bite the bullet and get a new through hull transducer. Would these through hull transducer's work or would I require a double transducer if its through hull. Any help would be appreciated as trying to keep cost down for the moment. Next year I will probably upgrade to a better unit and tranny.



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Not quite a Riveria, but I used to mount my transducers on a sliding track on all my tinnys, because I was always dragging them up onto the sand and I'd lift the transducer to protect it from damage.

You can see the slide here in the pic. I'll do a google search and see if I can find a link to the actual slide I used.


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This is the bracket I used. I cut the flat (B C) section off and bolted my transducer to the vertical bit. Worked a treat.

If you google "sliding transducer bracket" there's a few different types and you can see who retails them.

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