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Redfin Setup?

Will Wright

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A basic bream type set-up, 1-3 kg or 2-4kg rod 1000 or 2500 reel with some 6lb braid

Shimano catana rods  are decent for the price reel wise you could go a sienna or cazna or if you want a bit better drag quality a nasci isn't bad value for $

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Hi Will,

We have been catching the redfin on bream gear. 1000 to 2500 reel with 1-3kg or personally I'd go a 2-4kg as you can use it for your other Sydney fishing and it will fill in the slot underneath your Raider Snapper. Also personally I'd go for a 7 foot to 7 foot 6 inches rod as the length translates to extra tip speed and casting distance.

I'll PM you a link for a Shimano setup worth looking at. We bought 1x for @JahmonW and I was so impressed with it for the price point that I picked up another for a mate at work and then another 2x for my nephews.

Match it with some 4lb Power Pro or 4lb Berkley X5 or super thin 6lb Daiwa J braid or 6lb Shimano Kairiki.

Don't forget to put some mono (say 8lb) underneath to get the braid to fill the spool to the optimum level. If you get some nice clear mono (e.g. Platypus super 100) then you can use the rest of the spool as leader material.



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I use a 2500 Stradic spooled with 8lb j braid grand. Daiwa hyper 3kg. I would use 6lb or even 4lb if fishing just for Redfin. I run 4lb leader when I chase them. I have 8lb because I also use this setup for spinning metals, plastics and bait for Sydney species like bream, kings, Trevally.

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Rod length.  Think where you are going to target redfins.  If it is open spaces e.g lake  - then extra rod length will give you extra casting distance if required. Keep in mind that cheaper longer rods (even graphite) are heavier and are less fun with light small  lures. If you are going to target redfin near structure,  casting under/near hanging  trees where there is not much space and  cast precision is important  e.g river banks , submerged trees - the shorter rod (sub 7")  will give more benefits / control over cast,  and even cheaper shorter rod will not be felt heavy.

Rod type and brand. Shimano does not supply light spin freshwater  rods to Australia ( same as most other large  fishing tackle  brands). I guess it is  partly because local freshwater tackle market is small , and partly because it will cannibalise $300+  light premium rods  sales. So,  common advice on light gear (no matter whether you targeting freshwater trout or saltwater kings !) on the forums/FB groups is  "bream gear" .  I would suggest to check first the non mainstream brands and models in the local tackle shops  as they might give you more fun with smaller  species like redfins due to lighter rod weight, better sensitivity and better price than common and well-promoted brands/models.

Reel. Probably Shimano as they get less service complaints than Daiwa. Cheap Sienna will do the job, however Stradics are more popular.

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