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Botany Bay


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could someone please tell me where i can pick up some live yakkas and possibly some squid?i am hoping for a king, but can never get the bait..how far is it from the cooks river ramp

Gdaayyy Dom,Your best bet would be out near Watts Reef towards the heads early in the morning ,plenty of burley and a no 8 long shank hook with a small split shot and a strip of pillie for bait would get you some yakkas for sure .As for the squid you could try a yozuri suid jig in the orange or blue colour or a squid jig with a whole pilchard or small yakka on it ,anywhere there is a reef or a weed bed in around 10 feet of water would be a good starting point .Watts Reef is inside the southern headland near the last channel marker /if you line your boat up at the channel marker and look to the south you will see 2 chimneys ,once there is a gap in between them motor slowly towards them and u can see the reef under the water it is quite shallow GOOD LUCK

Cheers STEWY

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