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Advise for tommorow.

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Hi guys, I know it's late and don't like my chances of late advise. But thought I'd try. I'm a pretty novices fisher.


Short story long. The wife is busy tomorrow and i have been give short notice. I know it's going to be windy tommorow but I've been chomping at the bit to test run my new hobie outback ( not sure if this is more suited to kayak section). Plan is to leave early get home early. 


Now the questions. 

1) am I likely to be in trouble fishing with one other who I live with separate yaks. I wasn't planning to fish till the restrictions are lifted but my mates have been going regularly and have been pulled up by fisheries with no dramas. Any advice if pulled over by the boys in blue. 

2) corona virus in mind I'm planning on going somewhere close to home. Usually we venture to the entrance or beyond. Has anyone got any reports there willing to share pm welcome that are more direct to western sydney where I reside there willing to give us coordinats. Looking for some where sheltered and I'm scratching my head. 


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Josh. As @dirvin21 says, keep your distance from your mates and you'll be fine.

The wind can be a nuisance, but if you can find a protected little nook you can still have a good day. If there's not a heap of boat traffic or strong current, drop your anchor or stake out pole to avoid being blown across the water too quick.

Enjoy your new Outback

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Hi. West Sydney covers a heap of areas, Parramatta river, chipping Norton lakes comes to mind if you just want to test the yak out, If you want to catch a fish, Chipping Norton lakes is where I would be heading. OR Colo river is that's the west you are talking about.


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