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Silstar Crystal Blue Power Tip 12' Cb-1202sfm


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I have been looking for this rod for ages and would like to know if any Fishnet readers know where I can buy one of this beauty. I checked many stores in sydney but they don't have one :(

From what I read, this rod is every bit strong as other similar length rod but much lighter and flexible :)

I mainly catch tailors/salmon off the rocks and occassional kingy.

If anyone has one of these rods and would like to give me a little bit of personal review that would really help me as well. Currently all my mates are saying I should buy an Ugly rod, same lenght and strength class but it seems alot more sturdier and thicker...

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thanks dude but thats ones a power tip.. i want to buy the crystal blue tip :(

i gave up and ended up with a surf spinning rod


a nice 12 footer.. very light and quite strong :) I am pretty happy

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