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North End Putty Beach

Rock hopper

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Afternoon All,

Went bait fishing at the point, 7 to 11 this morning.
Not much of anything to report.
Port Jackson sharks out wide on frozen squid and pilchards
Tried for some squid but they have been a no show for a while now.
Tested out some new jigs. 
Anyone else had luck at this spot for squid ??
Several spear fishermen around.......didn't see a fish landed
Beats working 😁

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On 9/7/2020 at 4:53 PM, locodave said:

I have caught the red cods there, nothing special. Beautiful spot though.

It is a great spot. very beautiful. nice coastal walk also.

I have caught a few fish there in the past. Salmon and tailor and heaps of squid all around this time of year but this year nothing.........the curse of 2020 perhaps? 🤪

Cheers mate

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12 hours ago, Volitan said:

A beach with virtually no underwater structure and little wave action to turn the sand over wouldn’t be my first choice of beach to fish from.

we have caught heaps of salmon, tailor, bream and flathead and also the odd shark

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