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Fishing Canberra And Surrounds


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Hi folks - long time no post but i've been busy!

Just relocatde to our Nation's Capital (Canberra for those of you in Melbourne!!)

I had a few thoughts which i'm sure our raiders may be able to help me with:

- Are there any fish in Lake Burleigh-Griffin? or the other lakes and where are the best spots?

I see many ppl course fishing and the odd bloke spinning but not sure of their succcess. I like spinning SP's and HB's for bream so i was thinking about natives??

- Are there any good local fishing clubs and tackle store in Canberra?

- Where are some other good spots for Natives and trout etc?

- If you ever come down this way drop me a line...don't know too many ppl down here and would like some experts tips.

Thanks in Advance PW!

PS i'm not going to become a Brumbies Fan!!

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If the wind gives me a break, I will put the boat in today at Black Mountain and have another run - has been quiet for the last few weeks.

All lakes are stocked with Cod and Yellowbelly and have a good population of redfin. At the moment, some are faily murky from rain runoff, but as the water clears, the lure fishing should pick up.

Boats on all lakes are only allowed electric motors (or handraulic propulsion) and for Lake BG a permit must be obtained from NCA for powered motors and from ACT Environment for the other lakes.

Popular shore-based spinning around LBG is Hyatt Hotel wall around to Kings Avenue Bridge as well as the steep banks at Blue-Gum Point and Black Mountain. On Ginninderra, there is well developed weed beds over all the shallows, but find gaps in the weed or the clear bank near the wall and you should be able to get a lure in.

I use both SPs and hard bodies - redfin will hit just about anything from cod-sized lures down. Yellowbelly are partial to medium spinnerbaits, and Cod can be caught on larger spinnerbaits and deep running lures like the No 1 Stumpjumper or Codger etc.

Hope that helps - I 'know nothing' about the Tuggeranong Lakes except they have fish in them .

Furrther to my last - there are a number of Fishing Clubs in Canberra, but I won't comment as I am not a member of any.

Local identity, Brian Pratt owns Tackle Stores in Belconnen, Philip and Tuggeranong and the Fishing Hole is in Paragon Mall, Fyshwick. All are well supplied with most items. If you cannot find what you want, phone Australian Bass Angler in Penrith and they will mail it to you.

If you see an old guy in a plain tinny with one or two yellow dogs on the fore deck - that is me.

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