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25HP Yamaha install


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Hey Raiders, 

Very rookie question coming up, I have just removed my old 30HP 2 stroke and installing a brand new 25HP 4 stroke to my tinny. 
The holes for the outboards didn’t align (as expected). My question is, do I have to weld the old holes? And is it okay to just drill new holes for the outboard?

Do I need to have the plastic cover in there or can I just mount the motor to bare aluminium? 

any help, advice or a point in the right direction for install of this motor would be greatly appreciated. 


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17 minutes ago, noelm said:

Looks like the transom has been patched up a bit, what sort of motor came off it, they haven't changed the mounting holes for years.

It was a mid 90s Yamaha 30hp. Holes definatly didnt line up though. 

thanks for your help. Appreciate it

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