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Beach worms Botany Bay / port hacking.


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Hi all, 

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get myself some beach worms for targeting bream, whiting etc?


st George and Sutherland shire areas.


any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Try any of the beaches at low tide, look for a flat section of fine sand, not coarse grit kind of sand, use a fish frame in a bag on a string and a small piece of bait for your "hand bait" be warned, they are very fast and catching them is not easy, regardless of what YouTube video you might have seen, also low wind and smoother swell is best.

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Wanda beach always worked for me but any of the beaches will do. If you are talking about buying them, try Micks Bait shop just north of Tom Ugly's Bridge. Has been a while since I bought any but worth a shot.


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