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Stacer 429 Rampage


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Hey Raiders, just after some advice about boats. 

currently looking at a Stacer Rampage 429 and pairing it with a 25hp Yamaha. 

will this motor have enough power? Just concerned it will struggle. 

thanks guys

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Thanks mate, I usually fish alone but occasionally will have a couple of people with me. 

im okay not having speed. 

but I might look at selling the motor and buying the boat with a better motor. 


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I have a 2020 Yamaha 25hp on my estuary boat (Quintrex 390 Explorer Outback). The little Yam is a beast on that hull. Boat runs a full floor/casting deck, battery, electronics, fishing gear, esky, 2 people and dog. So probably not far off a 420 Rampage running light with 1 person. Heaps of grunt out of the hole and does mid 40s flat out. Perfect for the ~4m open hulls. If it were me w/ a 420 I'd still prefer max horsepower but I think the 25 yam would hold its own. Probably find the limits with 3 people and gear though. 

Streaker Marine fit the 25hp to 420 Bustas, maybe give them a call and ask how they go 3 up in that config.

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I test drove a 30hp Suzuki 4 stroke on a rampage. Not enough hole shot - don’t bother. Either get the 40 or as others have suggested downsize the hull.

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