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Tassie Fishing

Guest johblow

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Guest johblow


My post are getting too regular...! Um, ... yes. Im going down to tassie for a holiday over the xmas/near year break plus some of Jan. Can anyone suggest a place to wet a line - just a light rod, and maybe some bait but possibly some lures or plastics...? Something straight forward would be nice.



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You never mentioned what part of Tassie you were going to visit.

North of Launceston there is some salt water fishing off the Wharf at Beauty Point.There is a Sea Horse farm on the wharf so you cant miss it.

At Stanley there is another wharf just behind the Nut for some salt water action.

St Helens on the East Coast is the prime salt water spot,Bicheno nice beach fishing.

Large Bream inhabit the estuaries near Hobart and I mean LARGE.

If you are into trout fishing Arthurs Lake is the primo spot but there are umpteen lakes and rivers in the Central area of Tassie for catching trout on bait and lures or if your into Fly.

Tassie Devil lures worked well for me in Pink.

B4 I went I checked out the web and it came back with some great info try this URL.


Tassis is the home of trout but there is ample opportunity for other fish that we dont see here.

Great place to see especially at the time of year your going.

Have a nice trip


Big Bob


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Guest johblow

Hey Bob,

thanks very much for such great info!!! Actually, im am going to all the places you mention. We are staying two nights at Bicheno and id love to try the beaches there, but im not sure about fitting the beach rod in. Definitely want to try those big bream in hobart. Is it just a matter of following the same basic rules for finding a spotup here? Have seen a video where they catch some bream in a creek lined with tall-ish reeds... not sure about trout - would love to have a go if i get the chance.

Sounds great, thanks once again mate!!!

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Hey joh

My first post on this site, so it's good to be able to help out. All you need to know about fishing in Tas can be found at this site


They're a friendly bunch.

You might be surprised by the bream fishing in the Derwent River - standing on the shore in the Bowen Bridge area and flicking sp's around is good.

There's great offshore fishing but you obviously need to be on a boat.

It's a great time of year to be in Tas. Two really good things to do at that time - check out the Sydney-Hobart yachts at Constituion Dock and definitely go to the Taste of Tasmania - a great food fair. We never miss it.

Check your pm's - more info there.

Good luck


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