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Fishing botany bay heads tomorrow


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Hi fellow fishers

My son is taking me out fishing tomorrow morning , we are going to try for some yakkas at the runway then head outside of kernel or malabar in 30 meters of water, anyone have any good reef gps locations in close under 40 meters that produce mowies,flathead and possible kings?

Much appreciated, his gps was replaced and he lost all his saved spots, can't seen to find anything in the gps section

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Mate just troll a yakka along the wall or jsut off the bait grounds, you will end up with a rat king.. Hit any marker in the river with lures or live yakkas/suqid until you find a pack of them.


Went out couple weeks ago and ended up with 14 in a couple hours. Couple solid 90+ but the rest were in the 60's.. 


Good luck, party on

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