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Rons tip #4 Bread for Burley


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Bread is great for burley either by itself or with additives like minced fish or tuna oil but sometimes you haven't got any or enough.  I often have seen writers in fishing mags say freeze leftovers and I think these guys must live alone as I'm flat out finding room in our freezer for my bait stocks let alone half a dozen loaves of bread. 

The solution is easy.  Just dry your leftover bread completely so it goes rock hard and it will be usable for years as burley.   I just spread slices out on a cement path in the sun and turn over when one side is dried out.  Lately I have used the kids old trampoline as a drying spot.  Full loaves and rolls are cut in half to help drying process.  I then put in plastic bags either in slices or crumbled up a bit.  Some is also crushed with a rubber malet into breadcrumbs as I like these for my poddy mulet trap.  If you have dried out completely so its rock hard it will keep for years as long as you keep it dry and haven't let it get mouldy before drying. 

 When you use it for burley just wet it in a bucket of water or in your burley pot and it will go soft and break up and attract fish as good as the fresh stuff.  I keep a sealed plastic bag in my boat just in case its needed and it is also lighter to carry for rock fishos with long hikes to their spots.

I sometimes have got bulk lots of left over bread for free from a local baker and proess a large lot.  One last hint is beware of cockatoos, as I have been mobbed and lost over a dozen loaves in one hit.  Hope this helps someone.   Ron 

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Yes, some bakers will still sell their left over loaves cheaply.  I used to get it from Bakers Delight but they now have a blanket ban on giving away left over bread and it is now all binned except for some locations with appoved organisations.  I  only use while bread to preserve by drying out.  Ron 

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