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Batemans Bay shore fishing spots


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Hi everyone, I will be in Batemans Bay for a few days soon and am hoping to wet a line as much as I can. I searched on here and most advice relates to boat fishing so are there any land based spots worth a try? I will probably fish the breakwall (its very close to our accommodation), has anyone here fished in that area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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HI mate.

The breakwall is a good spot to try, but very tidal.  There have been good numbers of bream in the river.  A short drive to wharf rd on the north side of town, around near the boat hire places, is worth a try.  Easy parking, with some good structure.  The wharves in town are also popular and worth a try.  An hour either side of the tide is your best bet.  Hope you get a few.  Cheers...........




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