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Engine Selection Update


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Hey all, I appreciate everybody's comments from earlier post when I was considering boats, but have finally placed deposit on boat and am tossing up (again) between engines but have no experience with these types. 

The boat is the quicksilver 805 pilothouse rebranded locally as arvor 805 sportfish. 

On my reviews a lot of people in Europe are using the 225 merc v6. Equally, by all reports the 350 merc v8 is said to be way to much power and overkill. 

So looking at the 250 or 300 v8 merc. 

Is there some rule of thumb or any guidance or recommendations between the two. 

Top end speed least of my priorities. Lower end torque and economy probably higher on list. 

Is it much of a muchness between the two, is one definitely better? 

While only about 5k difference or so, if not necessary can spend that 5k on radar or some electronics, as don't have a bottomless pit of funds. 

Happy to answer any specifics but that's the gist of it

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