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Pittwater options

Newport Nuffy

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Hi all,

I am hoping for a bit of advice.  I have some fishing mad family coming to visit this weekend - the original plan was to get outside and fish Long Reef for some kings then head out to the 50m line to get some flatties.  Well, a 2.5m easterly swell along with 20 knots probably means I wont be getting around the front of Barrenjoey Heads!

I was thinking of fishing the eastern shore of Pittwater....spend some time at Clareville looking for kings, then a few of the bays and also the grass beds at Palmy to try and pick up some calamari.  I am happy to go in to the Hawkesbury as well if there are options in there.  Any other suggestions that anyone would like to share to keep my visitors happy and me and my boat not appearing on the news??


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