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Kayak fishing Coffs Harbour


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Hey guys me and a mate are going up to Coffs for the week over Easter with our families and taking our hobie kayaks.

Just wondering what the conditions are like exciting the harbour  and over the shallow reefs just outside? We are used to snapper fishing up to a few kms out from shore is there anything we should be weary about? And in April will the mackerel, and longtail still be on the bite?


cheers for any help 👍

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There's a whole bunch of guys that launch yaks at Arrawarra  and of Coffs, should be plenty of mackerel around, if you're heading out the harbour from coffs bee wary of boats some of the larger longliners and trawlers wouldn't even notice running over a yak

There's also some seriously big sharks tgat come in close around autumn not usually an issue but good to keep in mind

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