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Landbased kings


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Kings move around so pick a public wharf or outcrop of rock with a bit of a drop off. Use google maps or an old fashioned street directory. Have a look. Try and visit several locations. You'll work out soon enough if it suits you. I'd sometimes visit several locations in a day. The payback long term is that if one of them is unfavourable (say too crowded) on a day you have other options.

Most people have put a lot of time to work out locations and while not a deeply guarded secret handed down from generation to generation they will reluctantly give them out to anyone who asks. Still no harm in asking politely as you have done.

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Mate hit up any ledge in the harbour or where you can flick a plastic off. If you can find somewhere in reach of mored boats even better. As DerekD mentioned, jump on google maps to give you a better idea. Have a few spots to go to, if there not hitting you in the first 5-10 throws - move on

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